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My Life as Sculpture

Tobias Richardson
My Life as Sculpture
Installation view, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs, NT

My Life as Sculpture is an exhibition incorporating both sculpture and drawing, presented as an installation at Raft Artspace Alice Springs, Northern Territory, (30th March – 21st April, 2012).

Developed over two years the artworks broadly explore themes of autobiography and the built environment. The exhibition, while primarily works from the last two years draws on my entire time and practice in the Northern Territory since 1997.

The exhibition aims to clarify and extend the relationship between the artist’s twenty-year practice and the continuing themes of self and built environments. The juxtaposing of physical vernacular forms (built environments) against psychological and metaphysical elements (autobiographical) creates the framework. The works are primarily wood-constructed sculpture with found objects and drawings created whilst traveling in Australia and abroad. The themes in the exhibition combine family history, artists’ biographies and abstract aesthetics. The exhibition aims to reconcile the vastness of the subject of autobiography with the interpretive nature of self-reflective art.

Tobias Richardson, Alice Springs 2012