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University of Queensland National Artists' Self-Portrait Prize

Tobias Richardson
The Giant Museum

Listen to the interview here: 4zzz fm radio interview with Tobias Richardson

Originally Broadcast as part of No Brow's feature on The University of Queensland's National Artists' Self-Portrait Prize. Airdate: October 20, 2013.

Tobias Richardson references architecture and the works of canonised artists in his installations and sculpture, exploring the ‘built environment’. Creating physical structures, he uses artistic process as an autobiographical exercise – that is he uses objects and experiences from his life as a kind of personal archeology. ‘The Giant Museum’, an installation included in this year’s prize, references the sculpture ‘The Palace at 4am’ made by surrealist artist Alberto Giacometti in 1932. He found that a childhood painting of his from 1972 echoed this influential work, and as Tobias here discusses his sculpture fuses both his childhood painting and the Surrealist masterpiece with items from his life to explore an identity build on personal relationships.

Link: UQ Art Museum