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Stranger in a Strange Land


The sculpture installation Stranger in a Strange Land is characterised by its interaction with the built elements at Scenic World; a world where visitors comfortably view and transect a wild setting. Boardwalks, trains, a cable car, lookouts and storm shelters nurture and guide visitors during their temporary exile into this wilderness.

The wooden sculpture scaffolds and intercepts a simple storm shelter and asks visitors to look away from the trees for a moment and consider their place here. The storm shelter has become became active.

What is true is that art is multi-layered, and endless possible meanings can be conjured up from reading this work. Perhaps the sculpture is a broken train track going round and round with the ghosts of past miners, or an exoskeleton, or a comment on architecture, or a childhood memory, or a didactic postmodern discourse that tries to elucidates the paradoxical nature of art – either way it is always strange.

Sculpture at Scenic World, Blue Mountains 2014

All images by Martin Kirkwood.